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Sari Ohsada

Raised in a Japanese-speaking family in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, I am passionate about the natural environment, international development, and different cultures and languages. I currently study Environmental Science and Global Development Studies at Queen’s University focusing on my undergraduate thesis on “Sustainability Opportunities and Challenges for Agriculture in South-East Ontario” with Dr. Marcus Taylor. Previously, I have studied one-semester abroad at Arizona State University (ASU) as Killam Fellow and interned at Environment & Climate Change Canada as Environmental Program Officer. I was honoured to be invited to the Undergraduate Awards Global Summit 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, where I presented my paper, “Unregistered Syrian Climate Refugees in Jarrahieh Camp in Bekaa, Lebanon” a hypothetical anthropological research proposal that examined how to facilitate smoother adaptation and resettlement for Syrian climate refugees who escaped to Lebanon after the 2011 civil war, driven by drought in 2006.

I am a dedicated “people’s” person, natural team leader, and well-rounded student. Having traveled in various countries and experienced working in academic research, non-profit organizations, tourism, sports, and federal sector, I deeply enjoy interacting with people of different ages, skills, backgrounds and nationalities, and keeping an open mind and appreciation for diverse qualities and abilities. Most recently, I interned at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo as Communications Intern with prospects of pursuing higher education and working abroad to further my understanding for humanitarian issues in our world.

In addition to my academic life, I find myself fascinated by being outdoors in any weather, staying physically active through figure skating, karate, yoga and mountain biking, playing my flute, learning new languages, writing about my reflections, and traveling with purpose.