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Patricia Pajunen

Patricia Pajunen

Aniin/Boozhoo. Patricia ndishinikaaz. Siniikwe ndigo. Wuzhushk ndodem. Opwaaganasiniing ndoonjiba. I am a member of the Anishinaabeg, a descendant of the Ojibways of Gichi Gami. Being two-spirit and non-binary with they/them/their pronouns, I connect with both ishkode and nipi. My culture and my queerness inform how I approach life, work, and relationships (working or otherwise).

I obtained a B.A. in Psychology and an H.B.A. in Philosophy at Lakehead University and my M.A. in Philosophy at Carleton University.  I am enrolled at the University of Guelph as a Ph.D. Candidate; however, I joined the Queen’s University community as a Pre-Doctoral Fellow in July 2019.

My research is currently situated in institutional justice, specifically, the creation of inclusion plans, created by academic institutions, directed at Indigenous people, knowledges, languages, and practices. Discussions of oppression and exclusion precursor my plan to create a method of inclusion that can be implemented by academic institutions.

Sections of my dissertation have been published in two separate anthologies and another is forthcoming. I have won several prestigious scholarships including the Aboriginal Graduate Scholarship (internal to the University of Guelph) and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. The current portion of my Ph.D. is SSHRC funded. I am grateful to all the funding committees who have recognized my excellent scholarship and the value of the work I am doing. Gichi miigwetch.