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Dr. Richard Oleschuk

Professor, Department of Chemistry
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I am a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Queen's University, where I teach environmental, analytical, and physical chemistry. I also serve as Advisor to the Oleschuk Research Lab. I earned my BScH (1994) and PhD (1998) from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba, where my doctoral studies, with Arthur Chow, involved researching both polymer-based extraction methods for metal complexes and membrane-based sample preparation methods for mass spectrometry. In 1998, I was awarded a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Postdoctoral Fellowship, which I tenured in D. Jed Harrison's laboratory at the University of Alberta. My postdoctoral work involved developing miniaturized analysis devices, incorporating solid phase extraction and electro-chromatography into lab-on-a-chip devices.

I am interested in the area of microfluidics, specifically focusing on microfluidic devices constructed from different polymer materials, and integrating these devices with mass spectrometry. Much of my research focuses on porous polymer materials, electrospray ionization, mass spectrometry, templated polymer materials, and digital microfluidics.

Most Recent Project

Magnetically manipulated droplet splitting on a 3D-printed device to carry out a complexometric assay

Diagram related to Magnetically manipulated droplet splitting on a 3D-printed device, by Queen's University researcher Dr. Richard Oleschuk In this paper, we report a method for performing droplet actuation, splitting, and dispensing using only magnetic force and physical confinement. The combination of low-friction superhydrophobic surfaces and droplets containing superparamagnetic particles is demonstrated to reliably dispense droplets with a precision (≤6%) similar to standard air-displacement pipettes.

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