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Dr. Peter Lowe

Associate Professor, Bader International Study Centre, Department of English Language and Literature
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Research Director, Bader International Study Centre


I am currently an Associate Professor of English Literature at the Bader International Study Centre where I also serve as the BISC’s Research Director.

My research interests are in the literature of the twentieth century, particularly the poetry and prose of the Modernist period (c.1910 – 1950). I have published widely on the literature of travel and national identity in 1930s England, and my doctoral dissertation was a study of the work of T. S. Eliot; I received my PhD in English Literature from the University of Durham. I am currently engaged in the study of the importance of ancient Greek and Roman texts (and particularly Homer’s Iliad) for the poets of the First and Second World Wars.

Most Recent Project

The Conversation: There's a warning for the Brexit age from the British fascism of the 1930s

Image 20170116 27907 4pfk1u.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1In an office in London a maverick politician and a journalist discuss the challenges facing Britain. The politician’s views are unorthodox, and many establishment figures dislike him, but his popularity with the public cannot be ignored. At a time when there are so many questions facing the country, the journalist advises his readers that a nation beset by economic decline, a loss of social cohesion, a fraught relationship with Europe, and a growing distrust of “established” power cannot afford to ignore him.

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Other Projects

  • Poetry and prose of the Modernist period (c.1910 – 1950)

    For many people, life in post-World War I England was materially and socially harsh, arguably worse than it had been before 1914. Declining agricultural wages led to a depopulation of the countryside and a drift towards towns and cities in search of work, but the industrial foundations upon which the might of the Victorian empire had been built were far from stable. As the effects of a global depression permeated every aspect of the nation’s economic life, the social costs of industrialisation, so often written off as the necessary cost of progress, became impossible to ignore.

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  • T. S. Eliot

    A series of publications, conference papers, presentations and monographs related to T.S. Eliot. Christian Romanticism is a valuable contribution to the field of Eliot studies—it sheds light on a case of poetic influence that has been largely overlooked in previous criticism of arguably the foremost poet of the Twentieth Century.

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