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Dr. Farhana Zulkernine

Assistant Professor, School of Computing
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I am an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Big Data Analytics and Management (BAM) laboratory at the School of Computing. I am also the Coordinator of the Cognitive Science Program and a proud PhD alumna of Queen’s. My research interests include big data analytics and management, cognitive computing, and cloud computing. I have more than 15 years of international work experience in three continents in software design, analysis and research. I am a certified member of the Professional Engineers Ontario and a member of program committees of multiple international conferences including the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP).

My research has been funded by NSERC, MITACS, CFI, SOSCIP, Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR), Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Services Network (CPCSSN), Compute Canada, Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC), industry partners IBM and Gnowit, and government partners namely the Local Health Integration Network and Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). Researchers at BAM lab are trained on applying cutting edge computational tools to develop innovative big data frameworks and machine learning models for solving multidisciplinary industry relevant data science problems in medical diagnosis, engineering, and computer vision to create machine intelligence.

Most Recent Project

A Smart Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Management Framework

In a world where a quintillion bytes of data are being generated every day, we face a critical challenge with real time processing, management and querying of data. We need a framework that is able to learn to recognize the data to process, select the right data processing tools and algorithms based on goal, functionality and performance, and link knowledge to answer queries for decision support. The CFI JELF award will enable students and researchers working at the Big data Analytics and Management Laboratory (BAM Lab) to build a smart big data analytics and a semantic knowledge management framework for analyzing static and real-time streaming data using cutting edge data analysis, knowledge management tools, and novel machine learning models. A distributed multi-cluster semantic knowledge management infrastructure will also be implemented for the generated knowledge that will allow better organization and linking of knowledge for decision making. A ubiquitous cloud accessible interface will be developed to facilitate user access to the data analytic framework.

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