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Dr. Donato Santeramo

Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
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I am a professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, cross-appointed to the Dan School of Drama and Music, and associated with the Cultural Studies Graduate Program, at Queen's University. I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Rome, “La Sapienza”, and my PhD at the University of Toronto. I also hold an appointment at the University of Rome II, and teach at the University of Calabria in The Italian Diaspora Studies Program. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Middlebury College, VT (2000-2013), and I was the recipient of the Queen’s University Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004. I am on the Editorial Boards of several academic journals dedicated to the fields of literature, theatre and film, and I have been invited to lecture at numerous universities throughout Europe. 

My research focuses primarily on the areas of 20th-century European theatre and literature, literary studies, semiotics and diaspora studies. I translated and staged works of contemporary Italian playwrights: Paolo Puppa, Words in the Dark, (Poor Alex Theatre, Toronto); Michele Perriera, Injury Time, (Theatre 5, Kingston); Dario Fo: (The Arts and Letters Club Theatre, Toronto), and I supplied the literal translation of Eduardo De Filippo’s Napoli milionaria! from the Neapolitan to English for the Stratford Festival in 2018.

Most Recent Project

Red Cars

Red Cars: an art book by internationally renown Canadian filmmaker David CronenbergRed Cars is an art book realized by internationally renown Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, edited with Luca Massimo Barbero, and Domenico De Gaetano, in collaboration with Volumina. The project is an interpretation, in the form of an artbook, of the screenplay Red Cars that Cronenberg planned on turning into a film. 

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Other Projects

  • Franca Rame: One life, A Thousand Adventures

    Cover of Arti dello spettacolo (Performing Arts), a special edition about Franca Rame: activist, feminist, actress, artist.This is a tribute to Franca Rame: activist, feminist, actress, artist and internationally renowned dramaturge. Because of her constant and coherent cultural, social and political commitment, Franca Rame lived a life that was always “on the frontlines”. 

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  • Twentieth-Century Italian Playwrights

    Cover for Twentieth-Century Italian Playwrights, by Queen's professor Dr. Donato SanteramoThese volumes are meant to serve as an introduction to the lives, works and poetics of Italy's major playwrights of the 20th century. The choices were made mainly on the historical relevance of the playwrights who were also chosen for their international status.

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  • Luigi Pirandello: la parola, la scena e il mito

    Cover for a monograph about Luigi Pirandello, by Queen's University professor and researcher Dr. Donato SanteramoThis monograph, written in Italian, examines Luigi Pirandello’s love/hate relationship with the theatre by analysing his narrative and philosophical works vis-a-vis his playwrighting. His three-year experience as “capocomico” (artistic director/director) is also investigated. Finally, the book proposes a reading of Pirandello’s later works as his endeavour to overcome the dichotomy life/art, which is intrinsic to the staging, by relying on the mythical.

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  • Translation of Buon Apetito/Bon appétit, and Injury Time (Michele Perriera)

    Poster and scene from Injury time, a play translated by Queen's University professor and researcher Dr. Donato SanteramoThis is a translation (with co-translator Anna Edwards) of the work by Michele Perriera.

    Novelist, playwright, theatre director, and essayist Michele Perriera, is one of the most significant Italian authors of the 20th century.

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  • Translation of Words in the Dark, and Eurydice's Hill (Paola Puppa)

    Poster for drama production of Words in the Dark, and, Eurydice's Hill. Written by playwright Paola Puppa, and translated by Queen's professor Dr. Donato SanteramoThis publication is a translation of two plays by the Italian professor, dramatist, and novelist Paloa Puppa.

    Le parole al buio (Words in the Dark) is unique in that it has no 'real' characters. This is a trait often found in Paola Puppa’s plays, which indicate the universality of the situations, and at the same time, the indistinctiveness of the characters.

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