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Dr. Virginia Walker

I am a professor in the Department of Biology, with a specialization in molecular genetics. In the Walker Lab, our research interests concern stress genes and the molecular basis of resistance. This is a central question for scientific goals as diverse as predicting the impact of nanoparticle-containing food on our gut microbiota, the consequence of climate change on Arctic organisms, or the production of ice-binding proteins in environmentally-stressed overwintering plants, insects, fish or microbes.

I am the Project Leader of ‘Towards a Sustainable Fishery for Nunavummiut,’ a group supported by Genome Canada and other co-funders which strives towards the development of a sustainable, science-based, fishing plan for commercial fisheries in Nunavut.

I teach multile courses, including environmental microbiology, molecular genetics, biotechnology, and the commercialization of biological research. I enjoy teaching a range of students, from first-years to post-graduates. No matter what topic I am assigned, students will note that my approach is influenced by my enthusiasm for research and my love of genetics.