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Dr. Guojun Liu

I am a Professor of Polymer Materials, in the Department of Chemistry, at Queen’s University, and the Canada Research Chair in Materials Science. I earned my PhD and MSc from the University of Toronto, and my BSc from Nankai University, in China. I undertook one of my Post-docs at the University of Toronto, and another at McGill University. I have received numerous awards, including Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award from the Chemical Institute of Canada (2007), the Captain Alfred E. Hunt Award (2011), from the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, and the Queen’s Prize for Excellence in Research (2015).

My research interests include polymer synthesis, polymer assembly, polymer architectures, and polymer applications. My research lab, Liu Group, currently focuses on applications of polymer nanostructured materials, including NP-GLIDE coatings and monolayer coatings. The NP-GLIDE coatings that I have recently invented are transparent and adhere well to most surfaces, and repel water, oil, ink, paint and any other liquid. They also reduce fingerprint and smudge deposition, among other benefits. We see their potential in anti-graffiti and anti-fingerprint applications. The coating will also be useful in reducing friction when applied on ship hulls or on the internal walls of oil-transporting pipelines.