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Dr. Alan Ableson

I am an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Queen’s University. My research interests include: Bioinformatics; Applied Mathematics and Computational Models; and Applied Statistics.


  • Efficient Statistical Pruning of Association Rules. Alan Ableson and Janice Glasgow. Proceedings of the European Conference on Machine Learning, 2004.
  • Spearman Correlation Identifies Statistically Significant Gene Expression Clusters in Spinal Cord Development and Injury. Max Kotlyar, Stefanie Fuhrman, Alan Ableson, and Roland Somogyi. Neurochemical Research 27(10): 1133-1140; Oct 2002.
  • Computational Selection of Class- and Subclass-Specific Toxicant Gene Expression Signature Patterns. Pierre R. Bushel, Hisham K. Hamadeh, Lee Bennett, James Green, Alan Ableson, Steve Misener, Cynthia A. Afshari and Richard S. Paules. Journal of Biomedical Informatics 35(3):160-170, 2002.
  • Crystallographic Threading. Alan Ableson and Janice Glasgow. Presented at ISMB’99, Heidelberg, Germany. Published in proceedings.
  • Protein Model Determination from Crystallographic Data, Ken Edgecombe, Alan Ableson, et. al. Presented at PSB’98, Hawaii. Published in proceedings.

Patents and Patent Applications

  • Method and apparatus for determining multi-dimensional structure. K. Edgecombe, A. Ableson. US Patent Nos. 6,345,235 and 6,516,277.
  • Method for determination of co-occurences of attributes. M. Kotlyar, R. Somogyi, J. Green, E. Steeg, A. Ableson. Patent application 20040158581 filed Nov. 2003.
  • Patent application 20020111761 filed Aug. 2002. Diagnosis and Treatment of Vascular Disease. J. McCarthy and A. Ableson. Patent application 20030092013 filed Dec. 2001.