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Professor Wins International Teaching Award

Professor Richard Ascough with Theological College and School of Business

Professor Richard Ascough, Professor in the School of Religion, has been awarded the 2017 D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning.  Dr. Ascough has a passion for engaging students in their own learning, whether through use of online technology, articulating clear learning outcomes, or designing innovative learning activities. Using various digital humanities resources and a new interactive learning classroom at Queen’s University, he designed a course on Greek and Roman Religions that involves innovative learning activities. Students analyze visual materials from antiquity, debate the desirability of adherence to one goddess over another, and act out rituals of status transformation. These activities are grounded in foundational pedagogical principles for effective student learning and are constructed to include diverse learning approaches.

He encourages students to make their own discoveries about course materials, guided by specific prompts that leave space for the collaborative exploration of ancient texts, archaeological data, secondary sources and theoretical frameworks. Students have praised Dr. Ascough’s approach for enhancing the learning experience by allowing them to engage directly with real historical problems that scholars of antiquity face. (Read More)