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New funding from Canada Foundation for Innovation enhances cutting-edge research

Six Queen’s University researchers have earned funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund to enhance the infrastructure in their labs. The funding will allow for advanced research into cardiovascular disease, plant health, assistive technology, dark matter, neurological diseases and the oil and gas industry.

“Funding from the John R. Evans Leaders Fund is critical for keeping Queen’s on the leading edge of research,” says Dr. John Fisher, Interim Vice-Principal (Research). “New funding for infrastructure will enhance the capabilities of our laboratories and encourage new and advanced research programs at Queen’s. The Leader’s fund provides the means for our faculty to affect the quality of our lives and to better understand the world we live in.”

Alexander Braun, $180,000 (Geological Sciences, Geological Engineering) – Dr. Braun will using the funding to acquire a superconducting gravimeter, a device that will be used for monitoring fluid migration processes in oil, gas and water reservoirs. There are only 15 of these instruments deployed worldwide and, by adding a second one in Canada, it increases the potential to monitor mass change in reservoirs to improve production efficiency as well as mitigating environmental hazards (Read More).