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Jerusalem, We Are Here

Dorit Naaman, an Israeli documentarist and film theorist who grew up in Jerusalem, and currently is professor of Film and Media and Cultural Studies at Queen’s University in Canada has long been interested in the history of Qatamon and its vibrant life before 1948. In 2007, while on a sabbatical, she rented an apartment in the old Palestinian West Jerusalem neighborhood. Her interest in the history of Qatamon peeked when she read an article published in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz about Palestinian homes in West Jerusalem. One of the homes featured was next to her apartment (currently a day care center), once belonged to the prominent Palestinian intellectual, Khalil Sakakini. This was the beginning of her journey to uncover the history of Qatamon, locate some of those families who used to occupy these homes and work with them to bring their stories into life. The result was an innovative interactive documentary called, Jerusalem, We Are Here, released in 2016, debuting at the Montreal Documentary Film Festival. Naaman since, has been touring the US with her interactive documentary, and also have plans to present it to Palestinian and Israeli audiences in Jerusalem and Ramallah (Read More).