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Available Expert – South Africa’s ANC leadership race could determine country’s future

Queen’s University global development expert David McDonald is available to comment on the upcoming African National Congress (ANC) leadership vote in South Africa. The ANC has governed the country for the 23 years since apartheid ended, and this vote could determine the next president and the nation’s trajectory for decades to come.

“At the time of the democratic transition in South Africa in the early 1990s, elections within and around the ANC were exciting and full of promise, says Dr. McDonald. “By the late 1990s, much of the sheen had dissipated, as the party adopted hyper-business-friendly policies that did little to alter the economic landscape of the country. As a result, South Africa is more unequal today than it was in 1994.”

“In 2017, the leadership contest is simply disheartening, with crony party stalwarts on one side and billionaire businessmen on the other,” he says. “But like a car crash, it’s hard to stop watching.” (Read more)