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A ‘bright’ future ahead

PhD candidate Leah Sarson (Political Studies) has been awarded a Fulbright Canada student grant. The prestigious funding will allow her to conduct research at Dartmouth College this academic year.

“The Fulbright award provides me with the opportunity to immerse myself in a new academic environment and explore different approaches to the study of international relations,” says Ms. Sarson.

Leah Sarson has earned a Fulbright Canada student grant.

“Working at Dartmouth exposes me to the many advantages of an Ivy League institution, including its renowned network of scholars and experts in the field of international relations. The award also affords me the financial latitude to focus on my dissertation rather than other commitments.”

While researching at the Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth College, Ms. Sarson, a former teaching fellow in the Department of Political Studies and a fellow at the Centre for International and Defence Policy, will continue her work researching the international dimensions of Indigenous peoples’ participation in the Canadian extractive resource sector.

“Indigenous peoples are having a marked political and economic effect on arguably Canada’s most important sector – extractive resources – and I think it is important to try to understand that impact,” she says.

The Fulbright award is one of the most prestigious academic honours aimed at improving research excellence between international partners.

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