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Searching for Leptoquarks at IceCube and the LHC

In the light of recent experimental results from IceCube, LHC searches for scalar leptoquark, and the flavor anomalies RKRK and RK∗RK∗, we analyze two scalar leptoquark models with hypercharge Y=1/6Y=1/6 and Y=7/6Y=7/6. We consider the 53 HESE events from IceCube and perform a statistical analysis, taking into account both the Standard Model and leptoquark contribution together. The lighter leptoquark states that are in agreement with IceCube are strongly constrained from LHC di-lepton+dijet search. Heavier leptoquarks in the TeV mass range are in agreement both with IceCube and LHC. We furthermore show that leptoquark that explains the BB-physics anomalies and does not have any coupling with third generation of quarks and leptons, can be strongly constrained. (Read More)