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Religion and Sexuality: Diversity and the Limits of Tolerance

The relationship between religion and sexuality is often framed as inherently conflictual. Religious groups and ideologies have long influenced the public regulation of sexuality and recent controversies include religious opposition to same-sex marriage, sex education in schools, and non-traditional expressions of sexual identity. But what actually happens when religion and sexuality converge in contemporary contexts?

Religion and Sexuality challenges the commonly held assumption that religion’s relationship to sexuality is solely bound up with regulation. In this provocative examination of both sexual and religious diversity, chapters go beyond the familiar debates over tolerance and accommodation to explore the ways in which various forms of religious affiliation and sexual identity do, in fact, co-exist.

Drawing on interviews and analyzing media representations, legislation, and public discourse, nine leading scholars investigate a range of sites where religion and sexuality intersect – from opposition to same-sex marriage among Hong Kong Canadian Christians, to the implications of domestic violence on reproductive choice, and to the albeit secular religion of sport.

A major contribution to ongoing conversations about the role of religion and sexuality in society, this volume of cutting-edge scholarship foregrounds the complexity and multiplicity of religious and sexual identities and practices.

This volume will be of interest to general readers following the ongoing clashes between sex and religion, as well as students and scholars of religion, sexuality, sociology, women’s studies, gay and lesbian studies, and cultural studies. (Read More)