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Planning Pedagogy and Service-Learning

My research about planning pedagogy and the implementation of community service-learning in professional planning education builds on my own experiences of teaching. I have co-authored and co-published this research in Planning Practice and Research, and in the SAGE Sourcebook of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (2015). I continue to conduct research on planning pedagogy in order to better inform planning practice. Currently, I am collaborating on research into Appreciative Inquiry (AI), as developed by David L. Cooperrider and applied by Susie Kung, David Giles, and Bill Hagan. We are examining AI as a process for evaluating teaching and learning in graduate planning education.

Viswanathan, Leela. 2015. “Community Assets and Individual Expertise: Educating Future Professionals through Community Service-Learning.” In Omobolade (Bola) Delano-Oriaran, Marguerite W. Parks, and Suzanne Fondrie (Eds). Service Learning and Civic Engagement: A Sourcebook Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Viswanathan, Leela; Whitelaw, Graham; and John Meligrana. 2012. “Evaluating the Role of the Project Course in Professional Planning Education and its Influence on Planning Policy and Practice.” Planning Practice and Research, 27, 3, 389-406.