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Perspectives on the Politics of Borders and Belonging

cover: research paper by Queen's reearcher Alexandra LiebichThis co-edited volume showcases contributions from the Political Studies Graduate Student Association’s inaugural conference in 2016. The conference focused on the theme of “Borders and Belonging at Home and Abroad” and offered insights on border and identity politics from both national and international contexts. The collection is notable for the diversity in theoretical and epistemological approaches taken. The contributing authors highlight the roles and the importance of actors at all levels, from local communities and border guards to policy communities, political parties, and international stakeholders.

They offer fresh perspectives on traditional questions in international relations and comparative politics related to the tension between the processes of globalization and integration that seemed unstoppable at the turn of the millennium, and the resurgence of protectionist and nationalist reflexes that have accompanied the ascent of populist politics in the USA, the UK, and Europe. This tension reached its apex with the ongoing migration crisis. Appropriately, the authors problematize political discourse surrounding borders and belonging, such as the inclusive narrative of Canadian multiculturalism, bringing “othering” practices to the fore. The conference was funded by a Connection grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). (Read More)