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Performance and recording of songs by Victorian poet Amelia Opie

“Recovering the Songs of Amelia Opie” is an interdisciplinary project supported by the Queen’s University Fund for the Support of Artistic Production; its primary aim is the production of recordings of 22 Romantic Era songs featuring lyrics by Amelia Alderson Opie (1769-1853), and music by a variety of composers: 12 by her closest collaborator, Edward Smith Biggs; 3 by George Thomson; 2 by Wesley Doyle; and 1 each by Thomas Wright, William Aspull, Mrs. Bianchi Lacy, Mrs. Robert Arkwright, and Mrs. Alsop. Of the 22 songs, only one has previously been recorded, so we hope this work will form an important resource for both literary scholars interested in Amelia Opie as a woman writer and important voice in popular British literature of the period, and musicologists studying popular music for domestic performance in the Romantic era. The recordings will be made available through The Amelia Opie Archive.

To read more visit The Amelia Opie Archive.dna