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On Aboriginal Representation in the Gallery

Co-edited with Shannon Bagg (Hull: Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2002).

Drawing on the established intellectual and institutional authority of indigenous artists, curators and academics working in cultural institutions and universities, this book serves as an important primer on key questions accompanying the changing representational practices of the community cultural centre, the public art gallery and the anthropological museum. In this anthology, indigenous and other scholars address current and provocative issues arising from the production, collection and display of indigenous historical and contemporary art in Canada. Together, they reflect analytically and incisively on politics and practices in recent historical and contemporary curatorial projects with an eye to the future of aboriginal representation in the gallery in Canada and elsewhere.

On Aboriginal Representation in the Gallery developed out of discussion involving aboriginal and non-aboriginal academics, artists, curators, museum educators, and graduate students from both Canada and the United States in two conferences focused on the inclusion of indigenous peoples in the public history of art in Canada. Mounted with the support of the Art Gallery of Ontario in connection with the reinstallation of its wing devoted to Canadian art, and held both in Toronto and at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2000, these two events fostered institutional linkages and scholarly relationships that have significantly advanced this line of inquiry in the years since. (Read More)