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Negotiations in a Vacant Lot: Studying the Visual in Canada


C0-edited with Erin Morton and Kirsty Robertson (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014).

Contributors to this collection reflect on potential futures of visual studies in Canada cognizant of the national/ist rubric imposed on it by the formation of the larger discipline of art history in the 19th century. Together, they ask: Is “Canada” (or, for that matter, any other nation) still relevant as a category of inquiry –as a site for knowledge production– now that we face neo-liberalism, corporate globalization, and what has been described as a “post-national” landscape? Drawing from a pool of scholars central to their fields of research, this collection is designed to generate discussion across the range of formations the contributors represent, from established to emergent, including art history and visual culture studies, globalization studies, cultural studies, women’s studies, environmental studies, and communication studies–all of which now embrace visual methodologies as an important aspect of research in their fields. (Read More)