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Music, Politics and Violence

Music politics and violence - Susan Fast Kip Pegley - CoverMusic and violence have been linked since antiquity in ritual, myth, and art. Considered together, they raise fundamental questions about creativity, discourse, and music’s role in society. The essays in this collection investigate issues surrounding music and violence—issues that cross political boundaries, time periods, and media—and provide cross-cultural case studies of musical practices, ranging from large-scale events, such as World War II, to regionally specific histories, such as the politics of musical performances in the Fiji Islands. The book’s introduction lays the groundwork for conceptualizing music as it relates to three broad themes: first, how music participates in both overt and covert forms of violence; second, an exploration of violence and reconciliation; and third, the interrelationships of healing, post-memorials, and memory. Music, Politics, and Violence looks at music as an active agent rather than as a passive art, and explores how music and violence are closely—and often uncomfortably—entwined.