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Low-Income Children, Adolescents, and Caregivers Facing Respiratory Problems: Support Needs and Preferences

Burdens of poverty are often compounded by respiratory problems. This study aimed to identify the support needs and intervention preferences for low-income families facing this challenge.

Interviews were conducted in two Canadian provinces with low-income children/adolescents (n = 32) diagnosed with respiratory health problems and their parents or family caregiver (n = 37).

These vulnerable children and parents described non-supportive interactions with some health service providers and inadequate information. They reported isolation and support deficits, exacerbated by limited resources and health restrictions. Children/adolescents felt isolated and excluded and wanted to connect with peers. Group or dyadic level support, delivered by peers and health professionals, was desired. The importance of logistics to enhance accessibility and appeal of group or dyadic support interventions was clearly identified.

The findings of this study reveal that low-income children and their families encounter challenges to accessing support and to utilizing support resources. (Read More)