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Food Secure Canada: Resetting the Table

Food Secure Canada (FSC)‘s 10th Assembly, Resetting the Table, was hosted in Montreal, QC, on November 1 – 4, 2018. It joined “Canada’s brightest food thinkers and most innovative organizations to share and develop practical solutions to national and global issues related to food – climate, equity, health and sustainability”.

I am honoured to have participated as a speaker, and co-curator of the Indigenous and Northern sessions for this Assembly:

Building community and making change: Community-based approaches
This session was about community-based food security, my research discussion, and the challenges in creating positive change. It examined the approaches from the perspective of Ontario communities and asked questions such as: who are the involved partners, and, how can we make meaningful change?

Food is a Feminist Issue
This panel discussion explored how a feminist lens changes how we understand our food systems, and, how those insights could shape our vision of better food futures and the law and policy changes we need to get there.
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