Queen's University

(Re)Storying Canadian Histories: Reproductive (In)Justice and Indigenous Women

This research questions what Indigenous women's stories reveal about public and customary practices, and policies and practices of forced sterilization. Drawing on poetic inquiry and using an Indigenous conversation research methodology, I am proposing to address existing missing histories of the dehumanizing state-sponsored policy of forcing sterilization on Indigenous women as part of my commitment toward fulfilling the educational mandates of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Existing literature points to the higher likelihood of Indigenous women being victimized by state-sanctioned sterilization than their western counterparts who instead had to fight for the ability to have access to voluntary sterilization. From my findings, existing literature calls for further analysis of the relationship between the philosophy of eugenics and connections with reproductive injustice, racism, and Indigenous women.

My research seeks to enact transformative Canadian-FNMI (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) relationships that speak in turn to the educational and reconciliation processes of Indigenizing school curriculum. Our relationships with one another, especially as educators, require an ethically relational pedagogy (a leaning on human relationality or a reciprocity with one another) that seeks to unmask settler colonial accounts of Canadian history. I will be using poetic inquiry in my study because it informs the process of (re)storying and invites readers into the "the research space."

As a Knowledge Seeker, I am using proper Indigenous Research Protocol to ensure that protocols and the Tri-Council Policy Statement entitled Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans are strictly adhered to. Protocols put in place by the governance of different First Nations communities will also be strictly followed. I will collect and organize both stories and transcripts, readying them for analysis and an eventual (re)storying in the form of poetic inquiry, while ensuring that I engage in reciprocity with all participants by sharing their (re)storied transcripts with them, gaining and implementing their feedback.