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Method and apparatus for determining multi-dimensional structure

This invention relates to methods and apparatus for determining the multi-dimensional topology of a substance (system) within a volume (space). A method according to a preferred embodiment of the invention comprises the steps of: acquiring a set of relative values for the density (scalar properties) of the volume, each value for a given location (point) within the volume; interpolating a set of functions to generate a continuous relative density for the volume; identifying critical points of the continuous relative density by using an eigenvector following method; and associating critical points with one another by following a gradient path of the continuous relative density between the critical points, The method is applicable to a wide range of data relating to fields such as crystallography, fluid dynamics, edge detection, and financial markets, to determine the topology of structures contained therein.

Publication number US6345235 B1
Publication type Grant
Application number US 09/086,593
Publication date Feb 5, 2002
Filing date May 29, 1998
Priority date May 30, 1997
Fee status Lapsed
Also published as CA2239146A1, CA2239146C, US6516277, US20020111761
Inventors Kenneth E. Edgecombe, Alan D. Ableson
Original Assignee Queen's University At Kingston

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