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Green Solvents: Supercritical Solvents, Volume 4

Book cover: Supercritical Solvents, Volume 4, coedited by Queen's researcher Dr. Philip JessopThis handbook, co-edited with Paul T. Anastas (Series Editor), and Walter Leitner (Volume Editor), comprises 12 volumes, divided into four subject-specific sets: Green Catalysis, Green Solvents, Green Processes, and Green Products.

Green Chemistry is of crucial interest in a world where being as environmentally sound as possible is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Its applications include the design of chemical products and processes that help to reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.

Supercritical fluids (SCFs) and gas-expanded liquids (GXLs) are of great interest in green chemistry since they are either nontoxic and non-polluting solvents (such as carbon dioxide or water) or they help to avoid harmful intermediates through new processing routes. This book examines the use of SCFs and GXLs in catalysis, polymerization and many other major reactions and processes where it is crucial to avoid using hazardous solvents. The additional control parameters resulting from the unique physico-chemical properties of such solvents are discussed and highlighted along with numerous examples from the current literature and applications. (Read More)