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Decolonizing Planning Knowledge and Practices in Southern Ontario

This project was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2011-2013) and focused heavily on the analysis of land use plans and policies in Ontario for their recognition of First Nations. The project was further developed in partnership with members of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and Walpole Island First Nation This research has contributed to significant policy changes that resulted in the 2014 Ontario’s Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) recognizing Aboriginal peoples, and has been published in both academic and professional planning publications:

McLeod, Fraser; Viswanathan, Leela; Whitelaw, Graham S.; Macbeth, Jared; King, Carolyn; Alexiuk, Erin; and McCarthy, Daniel. 2015. Finding Common Ground: A Critical Review of Land Use and Resource Management Policies in Ontario, Canada and their Intersection with First Nations. The International Indigenous Policy Journal, 6(1). Retrieved from:

McLeod, Fraser; Viswanathan, Leela; King, Carolyn; Macbeth, Jared; and Graham Whitelaw. 2014. “2014 Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) at a Glance: Changing Tides in Ontario Provincial Planning Policy with respect to First Nations Interests.” Publisher: Authors. [PDF]

Viswanathan, Leela; McLeod, Fraser; King, Carolyn; Macbeth, Jared; and Erin Alexiuk. 2013. “Are we there yet? Making inroads to decolonize planning knowledge and practices in Southern Ontario.” Plan Canada53, 2, 21-23. [PDF]