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Curating Cultural Diplomacy: Special issue, Journal of Curatorial Studies (vol 5, no. 3.)

Co-edited with Sarah E.K. Smith (Carleton University)

Special issue, Journal of Curatorial Studies, 5, no. 3.Designed to address increasing interest in research located at the intersection of exhibition history and international relations, this issue brings together the work of scholars who are examining the uses of art exhibitions in cultural diplomacy to explore how curators, patrons and institutions have involved art and exhibitions in facilitating international relations at the levels of the state and of civil society. Of particular interest to the contributors is the question of how art, and the cultural sphere more broadly, serve as a malleable resource in the negotiation of hegemonic values and liberal narratives within and between geopolitical regions. Their essays address the question from various national perspectives, and include scholarship generated within the fields of history, art history, curatorial studies, cultural studies and cultural policy studies. (Read More)