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Meerkat, Periscope making live streaming 'interesting again' - Sidneyeve comments on CBC

Periscope and Meerkat Sidneyeve Matrix discuss on CBC News

The iPhone apps Meerkat and Periscope aren't the first to bring live mobile video streaming to smartphones, but their launch has made the medium "interesting again," says a media prof. 

"We've had webcams and the voyeuristic pleasure that goes along with that since the '90s," says Sidneyeve Matrix, an associate professor of media at Queen's University, specializing in digital culture.

"What's really fantastic about these two new apps is it's about webcams that move. It's about seeing the world through someone else's eyes," she says. 

Meerkat, which launched in late February, and Periscope, which arrived in late March, have two things previous live video streaming apps don't: buzz and big financial backers.

Periscope was bought by Twitter months before it even launched at the end of March, reportedly for $100 million. Meerkat, meanwhile, recently raised $12 million on its own, with investors putting its value at $40 million.

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Dr. Sidneyeve Matrix

I am a professor in the Department of Film and Media, specializing in mass communications and marketing, along with digital and social media. I teach many of my classes online, and often appear as a speaker and analyst on radio and TV.